Sugar Flowers Plus: When A Wedding Becomes An Even Greater Celebration

Welcome to Sugar Flowers Plus’s Garden of Eden, where you will find our magnificent collection of orchids, roses, and bouquets. Our decorative flowers look so real, you may find yourself smelling them or have the inclination to water them (although if you try that, you may end up with syrup).

For the past fifteen years, Sugar Flowers Plus of Glendale, CA has been an industry leader specializing in pastillage (gum paste) and royal icing cake decorations. Our products are designed and specifically handcrafted by experienced artists in the most pristine of manufacturing facilities in the Philippines. All of our products and manufacturing facilities have been carefully inspected by both the OU and the FDA, and have received the highest rating for consumer satisfaction, consumption, cleanliness, and kashrut.

This brings us to a very important element: Kosher.

Sugar Flowers Plus’s founder is actor, director, and television/film producer Terry Becker. Among his many credits, he is best known as television’s “Chief Sharkey,” from the classic program “Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea.”

Pastillage flowers were typically manufactured with gelatin, but from the company’s inception, Mr. Becker, proud of his Jewish heritage, was determined to bring these gorgeous cake decorations to the Jewish community. After literally searching the world over, he found a kosher ingredient that can replace gelatin. The result is a more elegant, delightful product. Enough of the drab royal icing wedding cake decorations! Now, when a kosher observant bride goes to a baker to get her wedding cake, she can order the cake of her dreams. Any style or design she may have seen in a wedding magazine is now possible — even Martha Stewart’s.

Throughout this entire process, the OU has been very supportive and encouraging, and the OU symbol has been a most definite key to unlocking the doors of the kosher marketplace.

Remember, “It’s always a celebration when you use our decoration!”;

OU Kosher Staff