Stonyfield Farms: An OU Rabbi’s Dream Company

In my periodic visits to Stonyfield Farms over the years, I cannot help noticing the remarkable growth of the manufacturing facility and the impressive expansion of the product line with creative new yogurt products. Fortunately, while the company grew, it also maintained the wholesome nature of its products and continued to develop and produce yogurt products with a high level of quality control.

Stonyfield Farms YogurtSince the Orthodox Union Kosher Certification Program at Stonyfield has been seamlessly integrated into the quality control system of the company, all new products and ingredients were submitted in advance to the OU for approval, thereby, maintaining a current Schedule A and Schedule B.

Another impressive dimension of Stonyfield’s response to its kosher certification is the way in which the company itself monitors its raw materials. In addition to welcoming unannounced visits from the OU’s rabbinical representatives, Stonyfield conducts a self-audit every two weeks. Quality control personnel developed a checklist based on a Schedule A and inspect the labels on each and every raw material to insure they bear the appropriate kosher marking as indicated on Schedule A. Therefore, it is no wonder that the rabbinical inspections go so smoothly at Stonyfield Farms.

Ingredients range from frozen cultures which are packed in small cans and stored in a deep freeze environment, to large totes of fruit fillings. Since all ingredients and products at Stonyfield are kosher, there is no need to monitor various formulations, and since all the equipment is used exclusively for kosher products, no kosherization is necessary. Kosher consumers can feel comfortable that they are not only receiving the highest quality in yogurt products, but that they are also receiving the highest standards in kosher certification as well.

OU Kosher Staff