Michelman: Your One Source For True Kosher Packaging, With OU Quality Assured

Think about the actual packaging materials that hold the products we see on grocery shelves every day… produce, fish, meat, dairy, bakery items, nuts, snack foods, candy, canned foods and beverages. All are packaged primarily with freshness, protection, consumer appeal and convenience in mind.

The coatings used on common packaging materials such as paper, film, foil and metal make these food products capable of being shipped, and keep them fresh and attractive on the grocer’s shelves. A truly kosher coating would require a forward-thinking company to make a concerted effort to meet stringent and consistently enforced formulation requirements. Some coatings have long been formulated using raw materials that are not of animal origin. However, that fact alone does not necessarily result in a kosher coating.

Michelman, a U.S. based coatings company and leader in innovation and ground-breaking product development, made the decision to be that forward-thinking company. Michelman formulates and makes available coatings for packaging that are completely and confidently kosher. To assure the integrity of the process it developed, the company also made the decision to pursue kosher certification by an independent authority. This would provide customers total assurance that the kosher status of their food products would not be compromised by contact with non-kosher packaging.

Michelman was founded in 1949 in Cincinnati as a specialty chemical products company.The firm developed its very first product–called “ResistoCoat™”–for the package coating industry. Many other industry “firsts” followed as Michelman developed the reputation as a true pioneer in the industry, most notably in the area of water-based, recyclable and repulpable coatings for paper and corrugated packaging. Today, Michelman products are used in a full range of FDA-compliant food contact packaging applications, from corrugated boxes used to ship produce, meat, and fish, to paper plate coatings, and film coatings for snack food bags.

After making the decision to become certified, the choice of kosher certifying agencies was clear. Michelman wanted to choose the most respected and wellknown of all certifying agencies.The OU was the first and only choice.

“From our first contact with the OU, the level of professionalism and technical knowledge was obvious,” said Dr. John Michelman, Chairman. “The OU and our rabbinic coordinator, Rabbi Chaim Goldberg, made the process of certification very smooth. While they were impressed with our manufacturing facilities, they were able to offer great suggestions on how to improve our processes.” According to Jennifer Reed, Michelman’s Safety, Health, Environmental & Regulatory Analyst, as well as Kosher Coordinator, “Our partnership with the OU has been enjoyable as well as fruitful. The availability of our OU-certified kosher food package coatings has definitely raised the bar for the coating industry.”

For those who wish to be assured of the integrity of a kosher lifestyle, you shouldn’t have to worry about food packaging. Simply let the expert in kosher food packaging coatings – Michelman – give you peace of mind and a true kosher experience.

OU Kosher Staff