Mario ® Camacho Foods Merges Seville with Omaha with Quality and Safety as the Goals

As of January 1, 2008, Mario Olive Company and A. Camacho Inc. joined forces creating a company with even greater capabilities, Mario® Camacho Foods. This privately owned, independent company is a joint venture between Westin Foods of Omaha, Nebraska, a family owned producer of high-quality, value-added protein products in the United States, and Angel Camacho Alimentación, S.L. of Seville, Spain, an internationally recognized grower, producer, and distributor of olives, olive oil, and a variety of other specialty food products. As an independent importing, distribution, and marketing company, Mario® Camacho Foods is an industry leader in the manufacturing, packaging, and exporting of only the very best food products to our customers and consumers.

Mario® Camacho Foods has a long history of superior quality and exceptional service. We are committed to providing customers with safe and wholesome products of the finest quality. We start by only sourcing our products from select growers and trading partners who meet our demanding specifications and are dedicated to continual improvement. Our company maintains a strict Quality Assurance standard, complete with lab testing at each manufacturing facility.

As the concerns regarding food safety increase, many consumers are opting for non-conventional foods that are seen as being safer – and healthier — thus the reason why Mario® Camacho Foods sought kosher certification in 1991 and has maintained a fine relationship with the Orthodox Union.

With a number of facilities in Spain, each is kosher certified by the OU, which means that each of our many and varied vendors for ingredients, as well as the main commodity, are also required to be kosher, thus adding an extra inspection to an already thorough evaluation. Consumers perceive that the kosher symbol guarantees that the product is free of contaminants and is harmless since it displays clearly identifiable ingredients. It would be a much simpler process if we only packed the olives from the trees from the Camacho Family’s own groves in beautiful southern Spain, but the consumer has become more and more demanding for variety so we are constantly seeking food products abroad. Since the products brought into our facilities come from this ever- widening scope of countries, what a comfort it is to know that a rabbi has made a visit and inspected individual facilities and pronounced the product worthy of consumption.

Since the merger of our two companies resulted in the combination of our several products, and many private labels, the Orthodox Union has worked most diligently to provide its expertise to assure that the labels and products conform to its standards. A mutual trust has formed over the 17 years of certification, has flourished, and become an invaluable and integral part of our food service.

You can be assured that Mario® Camacho Foods is committed to not only a superior product, but to our consumers’ safety. We hold the opinions of our customers and consumers in the highest regard and closely monitor the feedback we receive, from what we are doing well and where we need to improve, all so that we can offer the very best products and service. Expect nothing less from Mario® Camacho Foods.

OU Kosher Staff