La Morella Nuts Provides Ingredients for Recipes that are Both Tasty and Healthful

La Morella Nuts was established in 1986 to take advantage of the precious raw materials — hazelnuts and almonds — that come to us from our surrounding fields. We are based in a hazelnut region in Reus, Spain, and from the very beginning we have learned how to carefully treat each type, origin and variety of nut in order to develop a wide range of products, to be used in the most refined confections. As we pay careful attention to changes in the market as well as the requirements of our customers, we have developed methods to provide at the industrial level what previously was only possible to produce in a home kitchen.

Our standards of taste and quality, our highly skilled team of technicians, and our profound knowledge of raw materials have enabled us to work for the finest confectioneries in Europe, developing nougatines, croissants, pralines and nut butters, crowning these and other delicacies with OU Kosher certification to be able to serve the needs of everyone in the kosher world.

As a thoroughly health conscious company, we have for the past five years provided the market with products free of harmful fats, substituting “noble” fats. La Morella has a clean label: “No Trans Fats, No Lauric, Non-Hydrogenated.” Given our emphasis on health, we are involved in a project, together with the most important universities in Spain and different food companies, which will enable the consumer to enjoy our delicious products while enhancing his or her health.

We invite you to get acquainted with our products and to include them in your finest recipes.

OU Kosher Staff