Franklin Foods is on a Mission to Reinvent Cream Cheese

Nestled in Enosburg Falls, Vermont, the state’s dairy capital, Franklin Foods began producing cheese in 1899 using fresh cream and milk from nearby farms. Today, the Franklin Foods mission is simple — reinventing cream cheese for today’s consumer and culinary professional.

Since 1899, Hahn’s Finest Bakers Cheese has been crafted in the Old World tradition, which maintains the integrity of the milk proteins during production, resulting in a cheese that is all natural, fat free, and cholesterol free. Hahn’s Finest Bakers Cheese has been the secret ingredient for generations of New York bakers as they have created authentic New York-style cheesecakes and pastries.

Today, Hahn’s Finest Bakers Cheese helps chefs and bakers reinvent their menus and products to appeal to today’s consumer who is searching for naturally healthier foods that are delicious. As the “Perfect Protein,” Hahn’s helps chefs and bakers satisfy this consumer need. This unique cheese absorbs its own weight in liquid, providing higher yields, and adding richness to sweet and savory recipes without added fat and cholesterol.

The OU Dairy certification and symbol is widely recognized and requested by both domestic and international customers. The OU symbol is a highly respected quality stamp that supports Franklin Foods’ commitment to sourcing premium ingredients and producing products with the highest level of integrity. Bakers Cheese was the first Hahn’s product to be awarded the OU Dairy certification. Subsequently the entire Hahn’s brand, which includes cultured and direct-set cream cheese, was granted OU Dairy certification. In addition to following the guidelines and protocol of OU Dairy, Franklin Foods maintains a full HACCP program and is gold rated by Silliker Laboratories.

Franklin Foods’ products consist of cultured cream cheese, mascarpone, direct-set cream cheese, bakers cheese, flavored dips and spreads, and organic cream cheese. Products are OU Dairy certified and rBST (as permitted); reduced fat; and the patent-approved and award-winning yogurt & cream cheese is at the forefront of modern probiotic dairy technology and on trend with emerging “better-for-you” food products.

Franklin Foods is the fourth-largest cream cheese manufacturer in the United States and its award-winning products are distributed to industrial, institutional, foodservice, private label, supermarket, and club store accounts across the United States and in select international markets.

Rabbi Andrew Gordimer is Orthodox Union rabbinic coordinator for Franklin Foods.

OU Kosher Staff