Family Values Make Sally Sherman Foods a Salad Lover’s Delight

America Has A Soft Spot for entrepreneurs and family operations. But make no mistake: the reputation of Sally Sherman Foods goes far deeper than a sentimental nod to the passage of two generations of leadership.With continued growth over the last half century, the strength of this family owned business (the Endico family retains ownership) is that it functions as one big family.

Over the last thirty years, Sally Sherman Foods has been a pioneer in the kosher processing and marketing industry. The Orthodox Union cites multiple criteria for which the company has exceeded all expectations. But the reasons for the widespread consumer admiration for Sally Sherman Foods can really be boiled down to one: Boy, do these guys know how to make salads kosher and tasty! When searching for an organization to certify the company’s kosher status, the decision was easy. The Orthodox Union was the obvious choice. The trust and respect of the kosher observant community afforded to the Orthodox Union was decisive in the selection process.

Nowhere is Sally Sherman Foods’ savvy more evident than in the operations of its business. The majority of the raw materials are grown on our farms and inspected by rabbinic field personnel for their kosher integrity before they get to the plant. Management’s background and expertise in farming, coupled with its unparalleled commitment to use the highest possible quality ingredients, makes it a unique company. Management’s expertise, along with assistance, research and development from universities throughout the country, make Sally Sherman Foods a pioneer in the kosher food processing field.

Over the last thirty years there have numerous rabbinic coordinators supervising the kashrut program at Sally Sherman Foods. Each of them, along with management — individually, collectively and cooperatively – has built the steppingstones of a model plant. Management’s commitment to quality and expertise in produce makes it easy to maintain the kashrut program. It is very challenging to do so, but the trust and relationship built between management and rabbinic personnel was strong enough to solve any issues that have arisen.

Sally Sherman Foods has fostered a relationship with the Orthodox Union which has benefited everybody, particularly the consumer, who is being offered a product of the highest quality at an affordable price.The constant calls, emails and letters we receive, especially during the Jewish holidays, are testimony to our commitment.

OU Kosher Staff