Denomega’s Omega-360: A Complete Omega-3 for the Kosher Consumer

Fredrikstad, Norway-based Denomega Nutritional Oils is a leading pioneer of premium taste- and odor free Omega-3 ingredients and tailor-made solutions. Denomega focuses exclusively on premium Omega-3 and launched the first ever taste and odor-free Omega-3 ingredients for functional foods.

The demand for Omega-3 enriched products continues to grow in the marketplace and Denomega continues to grow ahead of the market. The company has doubled its sales in the functional food segment since last year and has around 20 percent market share in the Omega-3 market for functional foods.

Creating Omega-360TM is not a skill that is learned overnight. Denomega has been a pioneer in the refining of marine-based oils since 1912. With nearly a century of experience, Denomega now facilitates easier application of Omega-360TM into many foods, supplements and beverages.

Omega-360TM may be called the world’s only “extra virgin marine oil” because it so pure, fresh and natural. Omega-360TM contains the natural broad spectrum Omega-3 profile to provide the full health benefits of Omega-3. Omega-360TM is not made from concentrates, nor has it been artificially, chemically or genetically modified. The goal for all production is to keep the processing to an absolute minimum, because Denomega has a strong belief that this will ultimately benefit the consumers’ health.

Omega-360TM is therefore a perfect Omega-3 product for the kosher home. The OU certification and symbol on our products let the market and consumer know that we are dedicated to the kosher standard. The extra credibility the OU symbol offers for Omega-360TM products has enhanced our reputation in the marketplace and we are proud to have our products certified by the OU. We will continue ensuring that our Omega-360TM product line maintains the highest quality and food safety standard and the OU symbol further strengthens this claim,” says Dr. Elin Kubberød, Marketing Manager of Denomega.

Rabbi Chaim Goldberg is Orthodox Union rabbinic coordinator for Denomega Nutritional Oils.

OU Kosher Staff