Blended To Perfection: Hero Expands its Kosher Fruit Spread Offerings By Launching Three New Blended

OCALA, FL – Hero Preserves, a part of Hero/Beech-Nut Nutrition, is introducing a new line of Premium Fruit Spreads that are certified kosher by the Orthodox Union, a highly recognized and valued symbol of kosher certification.

Established in the quaint Swiss village of Lenzburg in 1886, Hero has become the gold standard of gourmet fruit spreads around the world. The vision of the original founders was to preserve fruits as gently and carefully as possible, and today that vision still provides Hero with the finest quality fruit products in the world. Hero is the best selling premium fruit spread in Europe. Served in luxury hotels and fine restaurants across the globe, Hero fruit spreads are also the preferred choice of top bakery chefs for complementing artisan breads, pastries, and desserts. First introduced in the United States in 1951, the Hero Group produces more jars of premium jams than any other company in the world.

Hero premium fruit spreads are available in 14 flavors which include the new line of blended flavors. In July 2009, Hero launched three new blended fruit spread varieties, blending fruits with rich natural flavors such as vanilla, to bring a whole new taste sensation to the category. These blends have been a huge success in Europe. Now we are bringing them to North America. There is nothing else like it in the category. Our top-two box scores in consumer research (with close to 80 percent), and our consumer taste panels say our new blended products have extraordinary taste.

Hero only uses premium selected fruits from around the world in order to give our consumers the ultimate in quality and taste. We use all natural ingredients, no high fructose corn syrup, no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives.

While we cannot tell you the secret manufacturing techniques that are contained under every colorful lid, we can share that Hero uses a slow-cook method which preserves the original taste and color of the fruits. Perfected over Hero’s 123 year history, the esteemed Swiss method of making jams can be equated to the quality of Swiss watches and Swiss chocolates.

Kosher certification is very important to Hero, which is available nationwide and in over 50 countries. Both of our European production facilities are OU certified to satisfy the majority of our consumers who call for the approval of the Orthodox Union. Hero Premium Fruit Spreads are used not only for the daily indulgence of your breakfast, but also for baking. Our plum fruit spread can be found in the fillings of hamantaschen on Purim and our apricot can be used as a glaze on your next baked chicken. When choosing a kosher certification, Hero chose OU certification because of the prestige it carries in North America and all over the world.

Hero Premium Fruit Spreads are distributed with the OU logo outside of North America and are even found on store shelves in Israel where they have been increasing in market share over the last few years. The Israeli army and police purchase Hero products and have them on their official plan-o-gram.

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Rabbi Chaim Loike serves as Orthodox Union rabbinical coordinator for Hero Preserves.

OU Kosher Staff