Adding Spice to Life: Gel Spice Company Proudly Displays OU Symbol on its Products

Gel Spice Company is a family-owned business which for over a half century has developed tradition of superior quality and freshness. We search the world over for the finest quality spices, seeds, and baking ingredients. From the time our spices arrive and are processed at our plant in Bayonne, NJ, quality and freshness are foremost in our commitment to our customers.

As part of that commitment, every item Gel Spice manufacturers has the OU “Seal of Approval.” OU certification on the package is as important to our success as the superior ingredients in the package. Not only does the OU symbol demonstrate the superior quality of Gel Products, but it is also a key marketing tool with our customers and consumers. Our products do not leave the plant without the OU symbol—it’s that important to our business.

Current trends in the spice industry involve Natural, Organic, and Spice Grinders. Gel Spice Company is at the forefront in this movement with new and innovative spice grinders; we recently introduced a full line of Celestial Seasoning All Natural Spices to take advantage of this growing trend. All of these new items are introduced with OU certification. We wouldn’t consider introducing a new product without OU certification and its seal of approval.

Gel Spice brands include: Gel, Spice Supreme, Spice Time, Sauce Supreme, Chef Select, Spice Select, Spice Pride, and Celestial Seasonings in a variety of spice, seed, and baking formulations — all, of course, OU. In addition, Gel Spice Company also provides numerous private label items with the OU certification, as an important and fast growing part of our business.


OU Kosher Staff