Aceites y Salsas Muela Expands into the Olive Oil Business with Help from the OU

Aceites y Salsas Muela, S.L. is located in a nature reserve in Cordova, Spain. Founded in 1993 by Manuel Muela, the company started out bottling and packaging vinegars and sauces, then following an excellent reception from clients, branched out into olive oil.

The olive oil packed by Aceites y Salsas Muela, S.L. is chosen carefully by expert tasters. Given customer satisfaction and a steadily expanding business, the company decided to take another step forward by producing kosher product and obtaining a Letter of Certification from the Orthodox Union. Doing so reaffirms our philosophy of quality, enhances our prestige and opens up new markets.

For a company to say its product is kosher makes it clear that it has taken the time and dedication to do the job right. Our kosher products are primarily Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Pure Olive Oil, Pomace Oil and Sunflower Oil bottled in drums and totes. We must have kosher suppliers for each of the oils we use, which requires substantial effort because Spain does not have many kosher refineries.

Another challenge concerned the large number of products sharing the same facilities. A key problem was the placement of tanks of wine and vinegar near the oil tanks. After technical innovations — including use of signs, the differentiation of pumps and hoses, and the diversion of recovered steam, together with the special training of operators and strict vigilance on the part of the Quality Department – it is now impossible to contaminate kosher oil with wine or vinegar, a development which fills all of our employees with pride and earns the confidence of our clients.

Rabbi Aharon Brun-Kestler serves as Orthodox Union rabbinic coordinator for Aceites y Salsas Muela, S.L.

OU Kosher Staff