OU Policy Review: Transportation Policy

OU policy requires that liquid bulk commodities, such as high fructose corn syrup or vegetable oils, must be transported in trailers that are acceptable to the OU. Ideally, a company should use trailers that are kosher certified by a recognized certifying agency. In such cases it is not the responsibility of the company to handle issues such as whether the trailer was washed in a kosher wash, or what a trailer’s previous load was; these are the responsibilities of the agency certifying the trailer. It is only necessary that the company be sure that the trailer number identified on the current certificate matches the number of the trailer that is being used to bring in, or take out, liquid bulk ingredients.

If a company chooses to use trailers that are not kosher certified per se, but have been washed out at a kosher wash or have been dedicated to specific commodities, the system should be discussed with the RFR and RC. Because the variables are many, these situations are best handled on a case-by-case basis.The RC and the RFR may be aware of local resources that can make kosher transportation easier and more practical.

OU Kosher Staff