Glatech Productions’ Kolatin®: Real Gelatin. Real Kosher.

It’s not often that a company is founded by someone who is a renowned kashrut expert. Yet, that was exactly the case with Glatech Productions. The company, founded by the legendary Rabbi Shimon Eider, a trailblazer in kashrut, manufactures a truly unique gelatin marketed as Kolatin®.

Unique gelatin? Aren’t all gelatins basically the same? What is in fact so special about Kolatin®?

Moshe Eider, Glatech’s Director of Operations, explains, “Real gelatin is an animal derivative, a product of bovine hides. For the kosher consumer, concerned with all the issues that this entails, it presented obvious problems.” Over the years, manufacturers resorted to substitutes, such as fish-bone gelatin, or seaweed based products like agar agar or carrageenan. Other companies used bovine gelatin, but it was obtained from non-kosher hides or bones; no major kosher certifying agency in the United States, Canada, or most of the world would approve it.

Moshe adds, “My father, who was really out there on the front lines, saw the niche for real gelatin that was 100 percent kosher, pareve and Kosher for Passover. And so he diligently began the research process. After five years of research and development, with much determination and perseverance, Kolatin® was successfully developed.”
What is the advantage of real bovine gelatin versus the alternatives?

“For the consumer, it’s the quality. Nothing else matches the mouth feel and texture of true gelatin in gel desserts, custard, or whipped creams. In fact, gelatin is an ideal substitute for butter, particularly when you want to reduce fat content. From silky to chewy, real gelatin’s ability to mimic the texture of natural fatty substances is incomparable. One taste of our Elyon® Gelatin Dessert, and you’ll know the difference.”

Moshe gets warmed up on the topic, and his enthusiasm about Kolatin® is apparent. “For manufacturers, Kolatin’s versatility is a dream. It serves as an ideal emulsifier, thickening agent, binder, and even clarifying agent. It’s used in frozen desserts, confections, chocolates, pharmaceuticals, wines, consommés, jellies, meat products, cheese cakes, syrups, and lots more.

Based on our customer’s requirements, Kolatin® is manufactured to the specifications of each customer’s needs, in areas such as bloom strengths, viscosity and mesh size. We also have a wide variety of gelatins readily available for immediate delivery. Manufacturers who switch to Kolatin® don’t have to retool – its integration into existing systems is virtually seamless.”

Because Glatech Productions has such hands-on experience in production techniques, they designed the company to incorporate modern hi-tech standards as well as extraordinary quality control. Only domestic animals are used, and each run is subject to an extensive series of quality tests, including microbiological analyses. In fact, depending on the end use, products containing Kolatin® may be marketed as USDA Organic Certified.

Additionally, Kolatin® is produced in as ISO-9001 certified facility. From a health conscious perspective, Kolatin® is hard to beat. It’s a low-calorie, fat-free, sugar-free and cholesterol-free ingredient. Moreover, Kolatin® is actually a good source
of protein and amino acids.

For the kosher consumer, Kolatin® is nothing short of a breakthrough. “Manufacturing an animal-based gelatin that would also be strictly kosher as well as pareve, presented a number of formidable challenges,” says Moshe Eider. “Kolatin® is a product that meets the strictest standards of kashrut – it’s the only one in the world produced exclusively from Glatt kosher hides – and satisfies the most discerning palettes.”

The Glatech team is always exploring new concepts, both in products and in service. Currently on the horizon is an idea that consumers will surely appreciate: Recipes from Susie Fishbein, world renowned author of the best-selling Kosher by Design cookbook series, will appear on the back of Elyon gelatin dessert retail boxes and be available at

For Glatech, having the Orthodox Union certification was non-negotiable. “From a marketing perspective we wanted the agency that is most universally recognized,” says Moshe Eider. “But even more so, we wanted consumers to know that our kashrut is as
genuine as our gelatin!”

For more information about Kolatin® Real Kosher Gelatin, please call 732.364.8700 or visit

Rabbi Chananel Herbsman serves as Orthodox Union rabbinic coordinator for Glatech Productions LLC.

OU Kosher Staff