The Cheese Guy Receives OU KOSHER Certification


The Cheese Guy, makers of high end, small batch, primarily handmade, artisanal cheeses, has received certification for its cheeses from the Orthodox Union, the world’s largest and most respected kosher certification agency. The Cheese Guy partners with the very best family-owned dairy farms in order to produce extra creamy jacks, crumbled blues, local sharp cheddars, tangy goats and imported Italian and European specialty cheeses.

“We work hard to ensure that we offer the finest cheeses, and now that we are certified by the OU, our kosher consumers can be assured that our cheeses are held to the highest kashrut standards,” said Brent Delman, Founder of The Cheese Guy. “We are excited to be taking kosher cheeses to entirely new heights.”
Some of The Cheese Guy’s cheese wheels are naturally aged and washed with organic extra virgin olive oil by Mr. Delman in the New York cheese cellar. This is done in order to give the brand’s cheese a complex flavor and sharpness usually found in European style cheeses.

Rabbi Avrohom Gordimer, OU Kosher Rabbinic Coordinator and Group Leader, who administers The Cheese Guy’s OU Kosher program, explained that, “Due to the uniqueness of The Cheese Guy’s cheeses — so many of which must be cultivated and aged under special conditions, or which have other distinct features uncommon to the general kosher cheese market — the OU has tailored a special kosher program specific to the products. This experience has given us new insights into specialized cheeses, and we are proud to work with The Cheese Guy to provide full-time on-site supervision to his top-quality and often exotic products.”

The adventurous spirit will love The Cheese Guy’s exotic combos like jalapeño cheddar jack and marble. Those who crave Bleu Cheese should try The Cheese Guy’s distinctive version, made by third generation Wisconsin master cheese makers. While most of The Cheese Guy cheeses are produced domestically at family owned dairy farms, some cheeses are produced abroad in Italy, made in the finest Italian tradition in small dairies that dot the Italian countryside. Mr. Delman urges consumers to try The Cheese Guy’s Pecorino Romano cheese aged over 18 months – calling it “the best of the best!”
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OU Kosher Staff