OU Kitniyot Kosher for Passover Supervision

Previously the OU has not issued Hashgacha for retail Kitniyos products for Pesach, despite requests to do so. This was avoided over the concern that different Pesach symbols might confuse consumers.

The OU has this year, on a limited basis, authorized the attached certification to appear on Kitniyos products:

OU Kitniyot

With an explanatory message:
“Acceptable for those who consume kitniyot on Passover.”

The symbol is presented in such manner so as to avoid any confusion and the packages will not indicate Kosher for Passover except as indicated.

This decision was taken at the urging of our Poskim, to benefit many Kitniyos consumers who relied on various assumptions (rather than actual Hashgacha) for Kitniyos Pesach products.

OU Kosher Staff