Kashruth in the Workplace Webcast

View the archived webcast below

On the heels of the success of its two previous Kosher Kitchen webcasts, OU Kosher will present “Kashrut in the Workplace,” featuring OU Kosher authorities and Senior Halachic Consultants Rabbi Yisroel Belsky and Rabbi Hershel Schachter.

The webcast is part of OU Kosher’s continuing and ever-growing educational outreach to the community, which includes the “OU Kosher Coming to Schools and Communities” program, and the highly informative and entertaining Kosher Tidbits postings, now numbering 125 on OU Radio. The most recent Tidbit is on “Torah and Spices” featuring Rabbi Yerachmiel Morrison, and the highly acclaimed OU Kashrut DVDs.

Rabbi Eliyahu Safran, Senior Rabbinic Coordinator and Vice President of Communications and Marketing at OU Kosher, declared, “The ‘Kashrut in the Workplace’ webcast is a response to many requests and suggestions that the OU poskim deal with the many and complex issues faced on a typical work day in the secular setting.”

Rabbis Belsky and Schachter will lead a Q&A session, which will focus on issues and concerns that typically come up in business and office settings, including use of microwaves, coffee makers, office refrigerators, business meetings at dairy /vegetarian restaurants, and holiday parties.

OU Kosher Staff