ASK OU Rabbis Program In South Florida Enlightens And Entertains

The show must go on….and on: Rabbis Chaim Loike (left) and Dovid Jenkins continue to answer questions following their presentations at the Ask the OU Rabbis session in South Florida.

As part of the Orthodox Union’s Community Weekend in South Florida, OU Kosher presented Rabbis Yosef Grossman, Chaim Loike and Dovid Jenkins in a panel session, Ask the OU Rabbis. The program, held at the Young Israel of Hollywood, followed a presentation by Rabbi Loike on The Mesorah of Kosher Birds and by Rabbi Jenkins on How Tootsie Roll, Gatorade and Corporate America have Affected Kashrut. Both Rabbis Loike and Jenkins are Rabbinic Coordinators at OU Kosher.

Rabbi Yosef Grossman, OU Senior Educational Rabbinic Coordinator, declared, “We were warmly received by South Florida residents who joined the program from Miami Beach, North Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Hollywood and Deerfield Beach. The rabbis continued answering questions from the audience long after the program had officially ended. We were happy to be able to share with South Florida residents the same high quality ASK OU program which we make available for people in the Northeast.”

Rabbi Grossman continued, “One of the participants, Chaim Brecher, expressed his enthusiasm for the program as follows: ‘The presentations were great! Thank you for taking the time to come down and share with us your vast reservoirs of kashrut knowledge. Thank you for your masterful jobs on kosher birds, Tootsie Rolls, Gatorade and medicines. Thank you again for coming out to enlighten us! We here down south hope you will do it again!’”

OU Kosher Staff