ASK OU Outreach Program in Passaic-Clifton Draws Rave Reviews

The Harry H. Beren ASKOU OUTREACH post-Shabbat visit to the Passaic-Clifton community on November 7 drew many participants to the first “Understand Kashrut as You’ve Never Understood it Before!” program. Rabbi Yosef Grossman, OU Director of Kosher Education, declared “Fantastic! Excellent! These were just some of the words of feedback we received from the participants in the first series of ASKOU OUTREACH Kashrut shiurim in the Passaic – Clifton community.”

One of the participants wrote to Rabbi Grossman, saying, “I must compliment your recent ASKOU event in Passaic. Even though I have learned in a yeshiva, I never became learned in kashrus. I have always felt that the kosher consumer is looked at as ‘naïve’ by the vendors who supply the kosher foods. And correctly so. These informative and interesting lectures can do so much to improving the standard of kashrus. Just being informed makes such a difference.”

Participants enjoyed the “show and tell” by Rabbi Moshe Perlmutter, in his Industrial and Foodservice Kashering Equipment presentation. They were fascinated by Rabbi Dov Schreier’s talk on Eating Out—What Could be the Problem—Restaurants, Caterers and the Shabbos Kiddush.

The OU returns to Passaic-Clifton on November 14 and 21 to continue the program.

OU Kosher Staff