Colombia: Land of (Kosher) Opportunity

A survey of the opportunities for Kosher in the country of Colombia.

Bazooka Candy Brand’s Top-Selling Ring Pop Certified Kosher

Bazooka Candy Brands, a division of Topps Inc., announced today that Ring Pop, its bestselling candy, has been kosher certified by the Orthodox Union. Production of the newly kosher Ring Pop, with brand new packaging bearing the “OU” symbol, begins this month with the candy shipping to retailers nationwide in August.

AskOUtreach Goes to Yeshiva Ohr Somayach in Monsey for May-June Program

After receiving outstanding results from sending OU Kashrus experts to places they have never gone before, the Orthodox Union’s Harry H. Beren ASK OUTREACH program will continue its travels to Monsey, NY, where it will present a series of shiurim. The program, located at Yeshiva Ohr Somayach, 244 Rte. 306, in the new Bais Shvidler auditorium will begin Sunday, May 10, and will continue to run Sundays until June 7.

OU Passover Website for 2009,, is up and Running

Since 2006, the Orthodox Union has been calming frazzled nerves and answering questions on everything from cleaning to cooking inspired by one of the most enjoyable – but also the most intricate and complex to prepare for – Jewish holidays, Passover. The OU does this by creating a Passover website that can be found at […]

OU Kosher to Recommend Organic Certification Agency to OU Clients

As part of its practice of providing a full range of services to its certified companies, OU Kosher has announced that it will recommend Organic National & International Certifiers (ON & IC) of Lincolnwood, IL to its client companies who are seeking certification that their products are not only kosher, but organic as well.

Newly Redesigned Product Search

Is It OU Kosher? Newly Redesigned Product Search Feature On Website Aids Consumer In Finding OU Certified Items

Remembrance of the Mumbai Kedoshim

Rabbi Martin Grunberg, a rabbinic field representative for OU Kosher, who covers Asia for the OU, knew both Ben Zion Chroman and Rabbi Leibish Teitelbaum, who were murdered in the Mumbai massacre. He has prepared the following remembrance of the kedoshim.

OU Direct, Account Management Tool for OU KOSHER Companies, Adds Online Ingredient Automation

OU Direct, the six-part website which OU Certified companies use to manage their accounts, became even more direct today with the enhancement of Online Ingredient Automation. This newest feature will enable companies to easily manage their Schedule A’s and add ingredients via the web – avoiding the paperwork that registering these ingredients used to entail. […]

Yeshiva University Non-Science Majors Come to OU Kosher to Explore Chemistry and Kashrut

Yeshiva University Non-Science Majors Come To OU Kosher To Explore Checmistry And Kashrut, in Practical Applications of Torah Law

OU KOSHER Educational Program Reaches Out

The ASK OUTREACH program, which was specifically designed to put OU Kosher in contact with communities in the Torah world not part of its usual constituency, reached out in a most significant way last week, conducting a two-part hands-on session in kosherization for the Satmar Yoreh Deah Kollel of Kiryas Joel, NY.