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US Drives Global Kosher Ingredient Need

31/07/2007 – The growing kosher market is prompting manufacturers in countries without much local demand to gain certification so they can export to the high-potential US, and some are exporing continuous kosher production to keep down costs.

OU’s (Growing) Continental Connection

It looks like our neighbors across the Atlantic are catching onto the power of going kosher. U.S. food companies have long understood that it’s consumer demand that drives the market. They’ve also understood that kosher certification tops most consumers’ lists of demands. “If a European company wants to sell a product to the United States, whether it’s ingredients to be used by manufacturers or finished goods which are going to be used by the kosher-conscious American consumer, it’s has to be kosher,” says Rabbi Nahum Rabinowitz, OU Kosher Senior Rabbinic Coordinator, who heads the European desk. “With the OU’s worldwide recognition, it is in the best position to open markets for these companies.” Based on the current rate European companies are seeking OU certification, the trend to go kosher is in full swing.

Survey finds OU the Clear Leader in Kosher Certification

Consumers Trust OU to Ensure Highest Standards of Kosher, Food Safety and Cleanliness

OU Kosher Announces Second Annual Essay Contest for Grades 4-12

It’s baaaaaak! The Second Annual OU Kosher Essay Contest for Grades 4-12, building upon the success of the First Annual Event, is now open for entries from students across North America, with the deadline for submissions being March 7, 2008.

Rav Asher Weiss Inaugurates New Harry H. Beren ASK OUtreach Program

In the inaugural program of the most recent initiative of OU Kosher in the field of kashrut education, senior rabbis from OU Kosher welcomed HaGaon HaRav Asher Weiss, Shlita, who delivered a shiur at OU headquarters in New York that encompassed a broad overview of the halachic principles that relate to the consumption of medications […]

OU Launches Selichot Sichot, 9/5 to 9/21, to Enhance High Holiday Experience

Selichot SichotTo enhance the High Holiday experience, OU Radio will launch Selichot Sichot daily programming, which will feature five to fifteen minutes presentations on the selichot prayers by rabbis on the staff of the Kashrut Division of the Orthodox Union. The series will run from Wednesday, September 5 to Friday, September 21.

OU Announces New Edition of OU Guide to Checking Fruits, Vegetables, and Berries

The Orthodox Union, conscious of challenges today’s consumers are faced with when it comes to keeping kosher, announced today the release of the second edition of The OU Guide to Checking Fruits, Vegetables and Berries, a comprehensive guide designed to promote awareness in areas of insect infestation in fruits, vegetables, and berries.

OU Calls on Domestic Airlines to Provide Kosher Meals and Snacks for Sale on Board

In its role as “the premier source for all kosher needs,” and in response to complaints by travelers that kosher food is no longer an option on domestic flights, the Orthodox Union Kosher Division today called on eight major domestic airlines to make kosher meals and snacks available for purchase on their flights, just as the airlines offered a kosher option when meals were included in the cost of a ticket. Since the airlines stopped providing the free meals, kosher passengers either must bring meals on board with them, or have nothing to eat on flights, even those of transcontinental length.

Taking the Show on the Road to LA: 3-Day OU Halachic Event Wins Raves

It was called the Three-Day Los Angeles Halachic Adventure, and was devoted to exploring “The Mesorah (tradition) of Kosher Birds and Animals” through lectures, food tasting and site visits for kosher professionals, but don’t let the “Los Angeles” designation fool you – the impact of the event held earlier this month at OU West Coast Region headquarters, the Prime Grill Restaurant in Beverly Hills, and processing plants in Oxnard, Fullerton and Corona, went far beyond the confines of Southern California.

Keeping Veggies Free of Bugs: and Yes, Do This at Home!

For I am Hashem your God – you are to sanctify yourselves and you shall be holy, for I am holy; and you shall not contaminate yourselves through any teeming thing that creeps on the earth. (Leviticus 11:44)