OU Kosher Staff

3 Must Try Chicken Sauces

Ever wonder what sauce pairs best with grilled chicken? Or what the perfect companion is for fried chicken? Chef Gabe has some recommendations in his latest video featuring some of his favorite sauces. Find out how to make a dairy-free tzatziki, a take on salsa verde, and an incredible Raspberry-rhubarb sweet and sour sauce!

Pass Around Crostini

Learn to put together a stunning—and stunningly delicious—array of crostini topped with everything from delicious tomato confit, to fresh mashed avocado.

What Are The Rules Of Drinking On Purim?

We’ve all heard the phrase that you should drink on Purim until we can’t tell the difference between Haman and Mordechai. Drinking on Purim is a topic that is often discussed, but what are the actual requirements and suggestions? Rabbi Elefant discusses.

How Do I Hear Megillah If I Work Late

Erev Purim is a busy day. What if your job doesn’t allow for you to be home to hear megillah reading at the ideal time? Rabbi Elefant explores what to do if that’s the case.

Do I Need To Tovel A Dish Before Giving It As Mishloach Manot?

When delivering Mishloach Manot, there are a few guidelines to think about. Today, OU Kosher’s Rabbi Moshe Elefant is discussing the responsibility of toveling a dish that you are giving as part of your mishloach manot. Does the responsibility lie with you or the recipient?

What Are The Guidelines for Mishloach Manot?

Ever wonder what the requirements are for giving Mishloach Manot? Wonder no more! Rabbi Moshe Elefant of the Orthodox Union is here to answer all of you Jewish Law questions. Find out what the most common misconception is about Mishloach Manot.

Spinach Artichoke Turkey Burger Wraps

These ingenious reinvention of classic turkey burgers takes dinner to a whole new level.  Wrap it up in a crisp lettuce leaf or a whole wheat wrap and make the whole table happy.

Shockingly Simple Sushi Spheres

These spheres are a delicious work of art. Enjoy this video which will show you how to make a yummy and gorgeous treat.

Tuna Poke and Market Fish Ceviche

Mike of Mike’s Bistro shares the secret to his famous poke and explains what you need to know about making ceviche.

Pepper Steak Tacos

Try these tacos made with delicious, tender pepper steak. And of course a full bar of toppings!