United: The Pickle That Made New York Great

Mention pickles in a conversation and the talk naturally turns to New York City and how the pickles there are just plain better than any place else on the planet. It is said that United Pickle, the oldest continually operating pickle company in the city, is responsible. Since 1897, United has made the pickles that make New York City the pickle capital of the world.

In 1979 Leibowitz Pickle Products, Inc. of Brooklyn, NY and Milford, Delaware merged with United Pickle Company, Inc. of the Bronx, NY. Stephen Leibowitz and Marvin Weishaus, both third-generation pickle men, developed the largest Jewish-owned pickle company in the country. “United makes the best tasting, most authentic New York sour barrel cured pickles and New York half sour pickles on the planet,” says Stephen Leibowitz, CPM (Chief Pickle Maven). “United products are sold all over the United States and beyond. As it is said everywhere, ‘When you are in a pickle call United Pickle.’ “

Most of the United products are sold in pails and tubs and are also available in plastic and glass bottles in consumer-size jars all over the country.

Adds Mr. Leibowitz, “The secret of United Pickle’s success is that all of the products are packed with love .United Pickle has been with the OU for more than 50 years and I hope for another 50 years. The OU is the most recognized name and symbol for kosher certification in the world. We choose OU certification over any other, since it has the most trusted name and symbol to certify kosher food products in the world. I consider the OU a major asset to United Pickle Products Corporation.”

Rabbi Howard Goodman is Orthodox Union rabbinic coordinator of United Pickle.

OU Kosher Staff