Dovid Tzvi Penfil, Lakewood, NJ: Lakewood Cheder School, Grade 4

My Kosher Day

Kosher food tastes very good. Most of the stuff I like to eat is OU kosher. I wake up in the morning and wash negel vaser, but I’m very hungry. So I go into the kitchen and look for some OU kosher breakfast to eat. I know!! I’ll eat a bowl of Kix in milk, yum and OU Kosher. Next, I look for an OU kosher snack to eat in school. That’s going to be Wise Bar-B-Q potato chips.

In school at 12:00 sharp there’s a brrring. Lunch time!! What OU kosher lunch is there? Why, Mendelson’s pizza, of course!! That will give me enough strength to last through the day. It’s 4:50 time to go home.

At home, I eat a healthy, yummy, OU kosher supper. Of course that’ll be a meal-Mart hot dog with OU kosher Heinz ketchup and bun. I got an OU kosher, Simcha orange soda for doing a shmiras haloshon program with my class. That was very refreshing. I really would want a cool drink of OU kosher Kedem grape juice but my father makes me save that for Kiddush on Shabbos.

Even though I like these good foods I’m happy there is one thing that’s not OU kosher. That thing is poison. A long, long time ago, even before I was born, my brothers got into fight. One brother said, “I’ll give you poison and I’ll make sure it’s kosher and has an OU on it.” Baruch Hashem, he did not find kosher poison and now they grew up and my brothers are best friends.

OU Kosher Staff