A Healthier Twist on Kosher Snacking: New Trends from Expo West 2023

A Healthier Twist on Kosher Snacking: New Trends from Expo West 2023

Natural Products Expo West is an annual event that brings together brands, innovators, and industry professionals in the natural, organic, and healthy products sector. Since its inception in 1981, Expo West has grown to become one of the largest trade shows in the world, showcasing the latest trends and innovations in food, beverages, supplements, personal care products, and more. 

With a focus on sustainability, health, and wellness, Expo West provides a platform for companies to introduce their new products, network with like-minded professionals, and stay informed on the latest industry developments. As a key event for the natural products industry, Expo West has been instrumental in fostering growth and innovation for over four decades.

In 2023, the annual Natural Products Expo West showcased an array of innovative and healthier snacks that cater to the growing kosher market. Several companies unveiled their latest creations, which were not only OU Kosher certified but also unique alternatives for kosher consumers seeking exciting snacking options.

One of those brands showcased at Expo West was LesserEvil, which debuted their Cosmic Rings. These bite-sized treats are pareve (non-dairy)  OU Kosher certified, organic and, gluten-free, and contain 0 grams of sugar. LesserEvil is committed to creating healthy and delicious snacks that cater to various dietary needs, including kosher consumers.

Calbee Almond Nut Chips

San Joaquin Almond Nut Chips

For those who enjoy a savory snack,  Calbee launched the new San Joaquin Almond Nut Chips, a grain-free tortilla chip. These artisan-crafted snacks are made from sustainably grown, real almonds and simple, high-quality ingredients. Sea salt, hickory smoked, and wasabi flavors are lightly cooked in premium avocado oil giving them a crunchy chip experience. They have no artificial colors or flavors and are  gluten-free, grain-free and plant-based, making them a perfect option for kosher consumers seeking a healthy and satisfying snack.

Another innovative kosher snack showcased at the 2023 Expo West was a new offering from specialty cracker manufacturer Venus Wafers. The company introduced South Shores Puff Snacks, a brand inspired by their Massachusetts location. These protein-packed, crunchy, and flavorful snacks come in vegan cheddar, barbecue, and chili lime flavors and are available in both 4-oz and 1.5-oz bags.

James Anderko, Vice President of Sales, explained that “South Shore Puff Snacks is the perfect complement to the crackers and flatbreads we’re known for. The puffs are a fun and exciting snack option. And like our crackers and flatbreads, they’re a healthier alternative to chips.”

Cleveland Kitchen Kimchi Pickles

These thick-cut chips are made with a fermented vinegar unique to Cleveland Kitchen’s process, resulting in a snack that also supports gut health.

Cleveland Kitchen introduced their latest innovation, the kimchi pickle for snack enthusiasts seeking both taste and health benefits. These thick-cut chips are made with a fermented vinegar unique to Cleveland Kitchen’s process, resulting in a snack that also supports gut health. The kimchi pickles boast the same excellent quality customers have come to expect from the brand with the added twist of heat from a touch of Korean chili. Comprised of ingredients such as cucumbers, water, vinegar, apple, garlic, sugar, salt, carrots, green onions, gochugaru, red pepper, ginger and calcium chloride, these gluten free, vegan kimchi pickles are sure to please fermented snack fans  searching for a bold new snacking experience. 

PeaTos expanded its range of OU Kosher certified snacks with the addition of a new flavor, Classic Onion Rings. These delicious snacks are made from peas and offer a healthier alternative to traditional onion rings. PeaTos snacks are gluten-free, non-GMO, and have no artificial flavors or colors making them an excellent choice for kosher consumers seeking a tasty and better-for-you snack option.

And finally, one of the standout companies at the 2023 Expo West was Curtice Brothers, the world’s oldest ketchup company. They manage to combine their rich history with modern market demands by offering premium, organic, and low-sugar ketchup options that are OU Kosher certified. This strategy includes distribution in luxury hotels, restaurants, and retail markets including the US, Europe and Asia. Curtice Brothers is dedicated to sustainability and improving the quality of their condiments for kosher and non-kosher consumers alike.

In conclusion, the 2023 Natural Products Expo West successfully highlighted the growing demand for innovative and healthier snacks in the kosher market. Companies like Curtice Brothers, LesserEvil, Cleveland Kitchen and PeaTos showcased their latest creations, combining adherence to kosher dietary laws with unique and delicious alternatives. With a continued focus on innovation and quality, the future looks bright for OU Kosher certified snacks in the global market.

OU Kosher Staff