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Are you, as a kosher-certified company, fully utilizing the resources that OU Kosher has to offer? The many opportunities provided by OU Kosher are tailored to help develop and grow your business. From marketing support to production insights and ingredient sourcing, the benefits extend far beyond certification.

Connecting with OU Kosher’s extensive network can enhance your brand’s visibility, influence, and impact within the worldwide kosher consumer market. If you’re not already taking advantage of these opportunities, now is the time to explore how OU Kosher’s unique positioning and expertise can contribute to your company’s success and growth.

Who’s Who at OU Kosher

Understanding the Key Roles at OU Kosher: Rabbinic Coordinators and Rabbinic Field Representatives

The first step in finding the resources you need or for support of any kind, is to know who to contact.  Your Rabbinic Coordinator (RC) or account representative is the best place to start.   At OU Kosher, the roles of the Rabbinic Coordinator (RC) and Rabbinic Field Representative (RFR) are pivotal in ensuring that kosher production runs smoothly and efficiently.

The Role of the Rabbinic Coordinator (RC)

The RC manages the entire kosher program and often specializes in the specific industry, especially if it’s complex. The RC typically interacts with management, ensuring consistent communication across the company’s various facets.

The RC’s responsibilities include determining the implications of new products on the company’s kosher status, reviewing formulas and labels for accuracy, and helping to avoid problems like incorrect labeling. They also handle private label statuses and act as a liaison between the company and other OU Kosher departments.

The Role of the Rabbinic Field Representative (RFR)

The RFR, or mashgiach in Hebrew, is the eyes and ears of the OU Kosher office on the production floor. Their duty is to visit production facilities regularly, verify that control systems are in place, and report any changes.

RFRs assist with input of new ingredients, help with production questions, and even support sourcing alternate ingredients. They are permitted to visit company facilities during normal operating hours and are often involved in special situations like kosherizing equipment.

If you don’t know who your RC is you can fill out this contact form for a response within 24 hours.

Find out more about who’s who at the OU Kosher. 


Connecting with Markets: OU Kosher’s Extensive Reach to Consumers and Businesses

Founded in 1898, the Orthodox Union serves as the umbrella organization for various initiatives, including OU Kosher, which began in 1923. Over the years, the Orthodox Union has grown to become a significant force in connecting the Jewish community both within the United States and around the world. This connectivity extends not only to individual consumers but also to the business-to-business (B2B) markets, providing comprehensive marketing support for companies that have earned OU Kosher certification.

Bridging the Gap with the Consumer Market

For consumer brands, OU Kosher’s reach is vast and impactful. With digital engagement and physical programs spanning three continents and over 300 cities, the outreach extends to all age groups. Opportunities to connect with over 200,000 consumers through weekly publications, quarterly print publications mailed to 50,000 households, and a potential reach of over 250,000 followers across various social media platforms are just a few avenues.

Marketing and Promotion of Industrial Products and Services

For industrial products, OU Kosher’s reach continues through its monthly industrial newsletter, targeting 48k email addresses. Services such as profiling company stories through written or video content, displaying products in the company product searches for kosher certified ingredients, and profile placements in directories increase visibility and enhance connections in the B2B market.

OU Kosher’s Extensive Network

OU Kosher’s unique position in the market provides an extensive network and support system for certified companies to engage with both consumers and businesses. Leveraging these connections and communicating effectively with targeted messages ensures a prosperous relationship for all stakeholders. If your company isn’t utilizing these opportunities yet, explore how OU Kosher’s reach can contribute to your success and growth. For the next step, contacting your Rabbinic Coordinator (RC) is advised.

Find out more about marketing support here.


OU Kosher, in partnership with Alchemy Academy, provides a range of online educational content specifically tailored to companies engaging in kosher food production. Whether a company is new to kosher certification or looking to improve existing kosher processes, these resources are designed to meet their needs. In addition to these courses, other educational resources such as articles, steps to certification, explanations of OU Kosher symbols, and a glossary of terms are provided to enhance understanding and implementation of kosher practices.

Other OU Kosher Industrial Educational Information and Resources

Educational Articles


The term “supply chain” once meant little to the general public, but disruptions during the pandemic highlighted its importance. Though the worst disruptions have passed, the lessons learned remain critical, especially considering environmental changes.

Ongoing Production Challenges

Rabbi Nathanson, a West Coast representative, shared that 2 years ago regional grape juice yields decreased by 25%. With environmental changes including heat and fires becoming more common, crop disruptions may become more frequent.

Supply chain disruptions present several challenges, particularly in facilities that produce both kosher and non-kosher products. These concerns include:

  1. Production Scheduling Changes:
    • Non-receipt of shipments or the simultaneous arrival of delayed orders can force scheduling alterations.
    • Equipment cleaning and product storage complexities can hinder production runs.
  1. Distributors Sending Inappropriate Substitutes:
    • Distributors may send whatever is available, even if it doesn’t meet specific requirements.
    • Example: A non-OU Kosher compliant butter offered as a substitute.
  2. Purchasing Departments Buying Unsuitable Replacements:
    • A quick replacement search in a crisis can have cascading effects on production.
    • New items might not align with kosher standards, affecting the production facility.

Find out more about help for ingredient sourcing and supply chain preparedness.


OU Kosher has updated its search page for Letters of Certification (LOCs), streamlining the process for businesses to display kosher certification status. The enhanced LOC search engine allows searches by name, company, category, or keyword, marking an improvement over the previous version.

Key Features:

  • Enhanced User Experience: With a user-friendly interface, the new page simplifies verification and sharing of kosher certification information.
  • Comprehensive Kosher Database: The OU Kosher database (UKD) offers details on over 1 million products from various kosher agencies, not just OU Kosher.
  • Accessing the UKD: Only available to companies via OU Kosher’s program management website, businesses can request access through their account representative.
  • Benefits of Sharing Certificate Link: Businesses can share the certificate link, offering customers accurate information quickly.
  • Value of Certificate on Company Websites: Displaying the certificate on the website increases transparency, credibility, market reach, and customer experience.
  • Future Developments: Upcoming versions will enable embedding the certificate directly on the business’s website.
  • Applicability: Available to businesses of all sizes, this tool fosters better communication and trust with customers.

This initiative exemplifies OU Kosher’s commitment to providing accessible and transparent kosher certification information. It aims to boost confidence in kosher products, expand market reach, and enhance the overall experience for both businesses and consumers. For more details, interested parties can visit the LOC website.

Find out more about the oukosher.org LOC page.


Finding Kosher Certified Co-packers

Outsourcing manufacturing can also help provide access to new regional markets for those in the U.S. and for those in other countries interested in selling to the US market.

OU Kosher’s copacker directory was created to help certified companies. Services include help with product marketing, providing training courses for kosher production and sourcing ingredients.

To browse and search  the copacker directory  login to OUdirect.org. To list your company on the copacker directory email copacksupport@ou.org.

If you’re a company interested in getting OU Kosher certification  please complete the application form.


OUDirect serves as the core client interface for the Orthodox Union’s (OU) kosher certification program. Utilizing the latest technologies, this user-friendly portal offers comprehensive access to manage and view various aspects of a client’s kosher program and financial account. From payment options to product listings and certifications, OUDirect ensures an intuitive and secure online environment.

Payment Features

  • Pay invoices using ACH electronic payments.
  • Connect securely with financial institutions through the latest fintech industry standards.

Universal Kosher Database

  • Find listings of products certified by the OU.
  • Search by Company Name or Product Name.
  • All products meet the OU’s Kosher standards.

Print OU Kosher Letters of Certification (LOC)

  • In-House, Private Label, and Customized letters available.
  • Kosher Letters in various formats.

Update Product and Ingredient Information

  • Manage and View Ingredient Lists and Product Lists.
  • Track Product and Ingredient submissions.

Download Resources

  • Access to forms, applications, and various OU logos.

Contact Management

  • Add and Update Contact Information.

Financial Overview

  • Print Invoices.
  • View Account Balance.

You can login to OU Direct here.