Food Industry Technology

Food Industry Technology (FIT) is the largest and oldest mainstream kosher gelatin distributor in North America. Family owned and operated since 1987, FIT began in order to fill the need of major manufacturers seeking a kosher replacement to standard gelatin. With our US patent, FIT became the first company to commercialize and supply kosher beef […]


Lapi Gelatine was established in 1966. Soon after, our products became well known, gaining the trust of major companies operating in the Edible and Pharmaceutical fields. Thanks to the experience of our technicians and operators, ten years ago our company launched its new product -fish gelatine, now widely available with OU kosher certification. Lapi Gelatine […]

ABCO Laboratories Inc.

Since 1964, ABCO has partnered with its customers to develop and manufacture custom products for the food and nutritional product industries. Whether you need a seasoning or flavor blend for a food product or are looking for a company to manufacture nutritional supplements for a private label, we can partner with you to bring your […]

Norland Hydrolyzed Fish Collagen

Hydrolyzed Fish Collagen is a pure protein made from the skin of wild, deep-sea, kosher fish. This easy to digest, pareve powder has a neutral odor and taste. It can be dissolved in hot water or added to foods to help consumers maintain healthy skin, hair, nails and joints.

Geliko LLC

Geliko™ manufactures the broadest range of kosher gelatine and gelatine hydrolysate for the kosher food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. Geliko kosher gelatine can be used in products labeled “USDA Organic”, are non-allergenic and GMO free. All Geliko products are certified kosher pareve for Passover and year round use by the OU. Contact us with all […]