New to the OU – Meal Replacement

Renowned NYC restauranteur and kosher cookbook author Levana Kirschenbaum has just launched Levana™ Meal Replacement. Unlike most commercial meal replacements, Levana™ Meal Replacement is made with pure plantbased ingredients and provides the nutrients of a complete balanced meal without chemicals or added sugar.

Each flavorful pouch can be mixed with liquid for the nutrition of a full meal or added to favorite recipes to enhance nutrition. The delicious flavors include Vanilla Bean, Mixed Berry, Cocoa Coffee, Garden Vegetable, and Mushroom Medley. The product is vegan, kosher, certified natural, soy-free, nut-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, nonGMO and no added sugar. In addition, Levana Meal Replacement is high in protein, fiber, good fats, vitamins and nutrients.

Nicknamed the “Jewish Julia Child,” Levana developed this natural alternative to chemicalladen meal replacements in her own kitchen during the time her husband was going through cancer treatment. He had become so thin and weak that his doctors recommended postponing his life-saving treatment.

“I couldn’t watch him die of malnutrition,” said Levana. Her all-natural meal replacement helped him regain his weight and strength, as well as increasing his appetite. She then realized that so many others could benefit from her healthpromoting creation and decided to spread the health. “I am so proud to bring this option to the market,” she says. “Not only for our community but for the general public as well.”

With the goal of pumping maximum nutrition into people’s favorite dishes, Levana has also streamlined hundreds of recipes that incorporate her revolutionary product. Levana™ Meal Replacement will be life-changing not only for people in treatment, but also for the elderly who are too frail to cook from scratch, as well as picky children, and people on the go.

“As a practicing registered dietitian, I’m thrilled to finally have an easily customizable all-natural meal replacement for patients with varying food allergies and dietary needs,” says Jackie Topol, MS, RD, CSO, CDN, a registered dietitian and culinary nutritionist.

Working with OU Kosher again!

Many fans of Levana’s cuisine will no doubt remember Levana, NYC’s wildly popular kosher restaurant. In fact, Levana and her family served as the trailblazers of upscale kosher dining. The scene of countless gastronomic celebrations, Levana’s was the longest running kosher restaurant, from 1980 to 2008. And it was OU Kosher certified.

“The OU Offices were more than just our kosher supervisors,” says Levana. “They were our friends and guides”. It was only natural that I went straight to them again when I created my line.”

Giving Back

Levana™ Meal Replacement has partnered with Chai Lifeline, a charitable organization that supports children with life-threatening or lifelong illnesses. Levana™ Meal Replacement will donate products and a portion of its sales to Chai Lifeline, so that the families the organization serves can get the nutrition their children desperately need.

All about Levana Meal Replacement on YouTube

To order please visit While traditional matzos continue to reside in the ethnic food section, the creative matzo duo hope their product will also claim a prominent spot in the cracker aisle, right next to the Rosemary Pita Chips and the  Gorgonzola Fig Toast.

Editor’s note: These innovative products are not certified kosher for Passover.