New to the OU: Italian Puff Pastry Bliss in Your Freezer – “Grazie!” to The Perla Company!

Good news! You don’t have to fly across the Atlantic to enjoy The Perla Company mouth-watering puff Italian pastries. And now they’re OU Kosher!

Founded in 1988, the company continues to serve as the leader in frozen puff-pastries specialties. From the beginning, the company’s aim was to achieve a superior quality product. Apparently, they’ve more than succeeded. The products are recognized as Italian pastry at its best.

The keys to The Perla Company’s distinctive products:

  • Superior ingredient list that excludes GMO, yeast, and improvers
  • Unique puff pastry recipes
  • Semi-artisanal production process
  • Highest quality raw materials purchased from European selected certified suppliers
  • A portfolio that features a full range of puff pastry products differentiated by shapes and filling
  • Continuous product innovation following consumer trend
  • Balanced quality price ratio
  • Easy to use products – from freezer to oven – with no additional labor

The Perla Company follows an environmental friendly policy using 100% renewable energy and maintains a responsible policy on waste management. Its structured quality assurance process is based on the highest and most exacting standards; HACCP plan guarantees the quality of its products.

The production system has been certified with BRC & IFS standards for many years, with grade AA/higher level.

The Perla Company already exports to China, Japan, Korea, Russia, France, United Kingdom, Canada, United States and plans to enter all the major countries in the world – thanks to its delicious products and newly acquired OU Kosher certification,

Please visit The Perla Company at: