Newly Certified – Tropical and Irresistible Hawaiian Host® Chocolate Covered Macadamias are OU Certified

Tropical and Irresistible Hawaiian Host® Chocolate Covered Macadamias are OU Certified

Hawaiian Host®, Inc., the manufacturer of Hawaii’s original chocolate covered macadamias, has officially received kosher certification from the Orthodox Union. The kosher certification aligns with the company’s mission of producing exceptional chocolate and macadamia confections and snacks that share the aloha of Hawaii with the world. Now even more consumers can enjoy the Hawaiian Host® taste.

It all started with Mamoru Takitani who dreamt of becoming the best candy maker in the world. His recipe for chocolate-dipped macadamia nuts created a sensation on his home island of Maui and he moved to Oahu when the time was right. Takitani purchased Ellen Dye Candies, a small candy shop, and renamed the company Hawaiian Host®. People fell in love with Takitani’s secret milk chocolate recipe. Visitors near and far traveling to Hawaii raved about Hawaiian Host®’s uniqueness and taste; they found them to be the perfect gift for friends and family members back home. And the tradition continues. Takitani’s magical recipe for the delicious, mouthwatering chocolate-dipped macadamias has been a Hawaii favorite for generations ever since.

Hawaiian Host® embodies and is founded upon the same standards and merit that Mamoru Takitani lived by: hard work, innovation and commitment to excellence. This is evident through the hard work and long hours that goes on behind the scenes of every box of chocolate covered macadamias. Take for example, the process to grow and harvest macadamia nuts. Macadamia nuts are not plucked from a tree, but harvested by hand after they have fallen to the ground – a sign that they have reached its full ripeness. The macadamia nut is the hardest nut in the world to crack, meaning the process of gathering and hulling the nuts play a large factor into why they are deemed so rare and valuable. Only the highest quality, grade “A” macadamia nuts are then hand-selected, dry roasted at precise temperatures and covered in Hawaiian Host®’s signature chocolate. Hence, “Genuine. Classic. Original.®” is not merely just a tagline for Hawaiian Host®, but three words that have resonated throughout time. The unique quality of handpicked, dry roasted macadamia nuts paired with rich and creamy chocolate guarantees goodness in every bite.

As one of Hawaii’s premier brands, Hawaiian Host® produces over 250 million chocolate covered macadamias each year and continues to be one of the most popular gifts of Hawaii for both local residents and visitors. Today, Hawaiian Host® has more than 250 confectionary products sold in more than 23 countries across the globe. They are always in search of innovative ways to bring new creations to their consumers and in an effort to continue growing and expanding their market, Hawaiian Host® sought to become kosher certified. With OU certification, even more chocolate enthusiasts can now enjoy the taste of Hawaiian Host’s decadent chocolate covered macadamias.

Hawaiian Host® is currently taking the appropriate steps in reflecting this new kosher certification on all of its packaging. The first kosher certified labeled products are expected to hit the shelves this summer are their Boutique Bags, AlohaMacs® in their creamy milk or rich dark chocolate and Maui Caramacs®, which uses an original homemade caramel recipe enrobed in their signature milk chocolate.

Hawaiian Host® has shared that this new step toward kosher certification opens numerous doors of opportunity to reach even more consumers than before. There are only just a few visitors who leave the islands without bringing along a box of Hawaii’s original chocolate covered macadamias (or any of their other famous indulgences) with them because it truly is the perfect gift of aloha for those wanting to give something special and unique to their family and friends.

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