New to the OU: Reed’s Brews the Best with OU Kosher Certification


Reed’s Brews the Best with OU Kosher Certification

By Chris Reed, Founder and CEO of Reed’s, Inc.

As the producer of the top selling sodas in the natural food industry, we’re very proud to be newly kosher-certified by the OU. This was a major undertaking, as our team went through a thorough seven-step process to obtain OU certification, including a comprehensive ingredient review and equipment kosherization. As leaders in the natural soda world, we take our commitment to the quality and purity of our brewed beverages very seriously; this certification by the OU reinforces that commitment.

It’s especially apparent this year, as we celebrate our milestone 25th year in business. Typically, people who start a business in their kitchen don’t make it past the five-year mark. I started Reed’s with my Original Ginger Brew, as I believed so strongly in the healing power of ginger and its wonderful culinary flavor. It took dozens of recipes – and different combinations of herbs, spices and fruits – before I felt it was just right.

Our line-up grew from there – including seven different variations of Reed’s Ginger Brews. Over the years we acquired a few of our competitors, including Virgil’s Natural Sodas, China Cola and Sonoma Sparklers. In 2006, Reed’s became a publicly traded company (NYSE MKT: REED). In 2012, we entered into the probiotic fermented tea category with our eight flavors of Culture Club Kombucha. Along the way, and through all the changes, so many things stayed the same. We never compromised on the quality of the ingredients or the non-alcoholic brewing process for any of our beverages. We didn’t become an industry leader by cutting corners or costs, or sacrificing the promise to our fans to make quality drinks.

We’re sold in 15,000 natural and mainstream supermarkets along with many delis, restaurants and convenience stores nationwide. With our new kosher certification, our drinks can reach an even wider audience. We are proud to have partnered with the prestigious OU for our kosher certification. It is only fitting that if we make the best, we should work with the best.

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