New to the OU: From the Heart of Veneto, The Poli Distillery Introduces EVE, the First Kosher for Passover Grappa


From the Heart of Veneto, The Poli Distillery Introduces EVE, the First Kosher for Passover Grappa

By Lorna Geremia, Poli Distillery

The Poli Distillery is a historic artisanal distillery, solely owned by the Poli family, and founded in 1898 in Schiavon, near Bassano del Grappa, in the heart of Veneto, the most renowned Italian region for grappa production. (Grappa is a grape-based brandy.) For four generations we have been distilling it with an old baine-marie still, following the traditional discontinuous method of distillation.

Our production philosophy is based on five solid principles: Choose only the freshest and soundest raw material; immediately distill the raw material; skillfully use a historic artisanal-method still; work with perseverance and passion; respect the distillate and the consumer.

When our importer in Israel expressed the wish and the request of many Jewish communities around the world to have a quality distillate produced according to the laws of kashrut, we began to conceive EVE, the first kosher grappa for Passover.

We did not yet know the standards of kashrut and the even stricter laws regarding Passover, but we wanted to obtain a distillate that embodied both the rigor of the tradition and the typical sumptuousness of the Holy Days, such as Passover. It took years to learn more about the fascinating Jewish food culture and laws, and then to transfer the information to the family and to the company, but then, as for any grappa, “alchemy” was part of the process. Thus was born EVE, named in honor of the first woman, and according to Genesis, the symbol of temptation.

A grappa made of Moscato Fior d’Arancio and Euganean Hills White Moscato pomace (the solid remains of grapes, olives and other fruit after pressing for juice or oil) with its elegant scent of orange blossoms, is a symbol of marriage, but is at the same time a temptress with her soft and round taste. The uniqueness of EVE lies in its method of production, following strict observance of kashrut standards, making it the first kosher grappa, which can also be enjoyed during Passover. All production has taken place under the supervision of the Orthodox Union and the rabbinate of Padua and meets the highest standards of Kosher for Passover and year-round use.

To get to EVE we have followed a long and expensive path in terms of time and effort, but of which we are very proud and grateful. Today we can present EVE, a sleek very fragrant grappa, which needs to be sniffed for a long time before being tasted, to keep those fresh scents etched in your memory during tasting.

“Like all kosher-sensitive, grape-based wines and liquors, the manufacture of grappa involved significant efforts and dedication,” explained Rabbi Nachum Rabinowitz, senior rabbinic coordinator of OU Kosher and  group leader for Europe and Israel. “Poli performed admirably to help the OU ensure the highest standards of kosher. Poli has the distinction of being the first OUP certified grappa. As with other new categories of kosher products, the kosher market, when targeted appropriately, will respond with interest and enthusiasm.”