Water+Vitamins+Nutrients+OU KOSHER=Vitaminwater!

Vitaminwater is produced by Energy Brands Inc., which was formed in 1996 to create biologically better water so that all consumers can feel good about what they drink. The company’s core product, Vitaminwater, was introduced in 2,000, pioneered its category, and continues to remain the leader in the enhanced water category today.

The company strives to make its product available for anyone and everyone to enjoy. Since Vitaminwater’s inception, the Orthodox Union has certified it as kosher. Thus, when looking for a healthy, flavorful beverage, Vitaminwater is sure to meet the needs of anyone who keeps kosher.

VitaminwaterVitaminwater is specially formulated with vitamins, minerals and nutrients that offer unique hydration options to consumers with an on-the-go lifestyle, who couldn’t otherwise get nutrients from eating the proper amount of fruits and vegetables. It begins with glacéau smartwater– vapor distilled water plus electrolytes, made through proprietary technology. Next is the addition of the finest quality vitamins and nutrients, based upon prevailing nutritional science and validated by consumer research. Finally, Energy Brands Inc. adds flavor and color to the water in a way that is particularly conducive to the product’s philosophy.

The formula in Vitaminwater incorporates a blend of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients that work synergistically to meet the needs of consumers with a hectic lifestyle. And of course, it is OU kosher.

OU Kosher Staff