Our Companies Speak: Walden Farms

Walden Farms began making salad dressing in 1972 using healthful ingredients with universal appeal to create consumer brand loyalty for our products.

Walden Farms Salad DressingWhen searching for kosher certification, our goal was again to create universal appeal by choosing the certifier most trusted and respected by those who look for kosher foods. As expected, Walden Farms consumer base, store count and market share have all benefited from our relationship with the Orthodox Union.

The supervising rabbis who work with us to assure our kosher status, not to mention our consumers, expect and insist on perfection in our kosher program and will accept nothing less. When questions arise or we need a new ingredient for our kosher products, we need to only make one phone call to the OU and help is provided.

Our relationship with the Orthodox Union continues to blossom. Walden Farms senior management agrees that our kosher program enhances both our sales and the perception of quality in the marketplace.

OU Kosher Staff