Not A Bolt From The Blue: Bolthouse Farms

Bolthouse Farms is a fourth generation family farm located in California’s fertile San Joaquin Valley. After more than 85 years of farming and distributing premium fresh produce, we began production on a new line of premium fruit and vegetable juices in the spring of 2003. The company constructed a state-of-the-art bottling facility to ensure that the juice is the safest and best tasting available.

Bolthouse FarmsEvery batch of Bolthouse Farms juice is taste tested and quality inspected before it is released. Different pasteurization parameters are used, depending on the ingredients, to maximize flavor and nutritional value. Our patented cold-aseptic bottling process, unlike most processes, actually makes the bottles in a sterile environment just moments before they are filled. The room qualifies as a Class 100 Clean Room, ensuring that it is almost completely devoid of everything other than sterile air. Once made, the bottles are filled and capped within the clean room, ensuring that the product is as safe inside the bottle as it was only seconds after it was flash pasteurized. The benefit of all this is superior food safety, extra-long shelf life, unmatched flavor and enhanced nutritional value.

When striving to produce the finest beverages in the world, it is important to us to be associated with other organizations with similar values. That’s why when it came time to kosher certify our new line of premium juices, we naturally gravitated toward our long-standing relationship with the Orthodox Union. For many years our fresh carrots have been certified by this worldwide recognized symbol of premier quality. We continue to work very hard to ensure that all Bolthouse Farms products both qualify for and wear the OU symbol. As our portfolio of premium products continues to grow, so will our relationship with the Orthodox Union. We have seen the results of this kosher program and are confident that OU certification is making a positive impact on our business.

OU Kosher Staff