Michigan Dessert Corporation

Our company is a custom developer and manufacturer of specialty dry mix products for major restaurant chains and food processors in the United States and overseas. Richard Elias and Gary Freeman have owned and managed the company since 1983 and have seen a tremendous growth in customer base and product variety. We are based in a 50,000 foot technical development and manufacturing center in Southeastern Michigan and we design a wide range of custom foods and process them from there. Michigan Dessert Corporation handles regular and sugar free puddings, meringues, cakes, bakery items, pie fillings, mousses and glazes.

Our company has seen an increasing demand from food processors that use our dry mixes in their finished retail applications that we offer more and more kosher items. Upon investigating the wide range of koshering agencies available we found that the one most universally accepted was the Orthodox Union. Our choice was simple.

OU Kosher Staff