Macabee Kosher Foods

Macabee PizzaSince 1968, Macabee Foods has produced premium quality kosher frozen pizza products for the entire family.

We started with a variety of delicious items, including pizza bagels, pizza squares, regular pizzas and French bread pizza products. Over the years, we’ve extended our delicious line, and today we keep pace with the nutritional requirements of carbohydrate-conscious consumers with products like our brand new Low Carb 3 Cheese Pizza Bagels.

All of our products carry the OU symbol.

For over 35 years we’ve remained committed to product quality and to our relationship with the Orthodox Union. On an individual basis, our products are Cholov Yisroel, Pas Yisroel, Bishul Yisroel, Pareve or Yoshon, and all of our products carry the OU symbol of kashrut and quality. We specially design our products for flavor, cooking convenience and value.

Our relationship with the OU is critical to the quality of our products, the satisfaction of our customers and our ultimate business success. Discerning kosher customers will only purchase products with kosher symbols they recognize and trust. At Macabee Kosher, we believe that the OU is a symbol of true kosher certification for the broadest base of our core kosher consumers.

For our entire existence we’ve been a category leader and product innovator, with a deep commitment to developing quality products. Working with the OU, our industry leadership will surely continue.

OU Kosher Staff