Is There A Doctor In The House? Dr. Praeger Is On Call, During The Year And At Passover

Dr. Peter Praeger of Dr. Praeger’s, the famous fish company, is a real person and a real doctor, a cardiologist. In a strange but true story, that’s how he became involved with the firm.

When the company was known as Ungar’s Gefilte Fish Corp., Dr. Praeger, of Hackensack University Medical Center (NJ), was called on to treat the brother-in-law of Rubin Ungar, the company president, following a tragic accident. Dr. Praeger saved the man’s life. A few years later, Dr. Praeger was brought in to save a struggling company. Showing the same kind of skills he demonstrated in medicine, he resuscitated the firm, working with Dr. Eric Somberg and their wives and children. Early on, Nurit Praeger, Peter’s wife, started selling gefilte fish for the company. On a sales call to Yeshiva University, she asked the food service manager which products were popular so that she could advise Peter to produce them. The manager suggested veggie burgers; Peter went to his lab and started to develop a delicious version that became a huge success. The manager also suggested broccoli and spinach pancakes, along with potato latkes. More successes, a growing firm, and a move to new and larger quarters.

The company continues to grow by leaps and bounds. Contributing to its success was Peter’s determination, as a heart surgeon, to create healthy products, many of which are approved by the American Heart Association.

Another major factor in the firm’s growth was its affiliation with the Orthodox Union. Dr. Praeger’s specifically chose the OU because of the tremendous benefit of associating with the world’s most respected kosher certification. Over the years, the OU has been a great partner with the company.

Passover brings special treats from Dr. Praeger’s, including gefilte fish, made with fresh fish; potato-crusted fish sticks and fish fillets; and broccoli, potato and spinach pancakes. All products are natural, just what you would expect from a cardiologist. For more information, check out the company’s website,

OU Kosher Staff