Gold’s Horseradish

The story of Gold’s begins in 1932 when my grandparents started grinding horseradish in the kitchen of their apartment in Brooklyn. Our OU affiliation came shortly afterwards when we expanded to a small factory. Today, Gold’s is manufactured with the same recipe that was used at the start: horseradish, vinegar and salt.

Gold's HorseradishTo make red horseradish we add fresh beets. Golds is an all natural product and therefore we are one of the few manufacturers who can say,“Nothing artificial, no additives.” In 1948 we started manufacturing borscht and schav. Duck sauce, barbecue sauce, rib sauce, and chicken sauce, all pareve products, became part of our line in the late 1960’s. In the 1990’s, Gold’s became the top mustard manufacturer in the northeast, as we are to this day, with eight different mustards sold in squeeze bottles. Six years ago,we first produced the award-winning “squeeze horseradish sauce.” Recently we have started manufacturing two new items: Hungarian cabbage soup and “squeeze” wasabi sauce. All production is under OU supervision.

My grandfather, Hyman Gold, and my father, Morris Gold, decided that if we were going to reach the trade we wanted, it was essential to be certified by the OU. They sought out affiliation and the OU was pleased to provide it.

We started at 832 Coney Island Avenue, Brooklyn and then moved to 4127 18th Avenue in the late thirties. In 1956 we moved around the corner to 905 McDonald Avenue where we remained until 1994, when we re-located to Hempstead, Long Island. Even there, we are on Brooklyn Road.

Rabbi Jacob Gross and then Rabbi Jesse Elefant spent many years, day in and day out, at our plant. They became as proficient at making horseradish and borscht as the Gold family itself. The Golds always made sure that the rabbis had a chance to enjoy the product line. Their families were always quite pleased and had tears in their eyes.

Rabbi Shmuel Singer has been at our plant countless times over the years and we consider each visit a learning experience; in addition to being our rabbinic coordinator, he supervises Passover production for the OU. Moreover, when we need advice, we can pick up the phone and speak to Rabbi Moshe Elefant, the Executive Rabbinic Coordinator of OU Kosher; he has a special affinity for Gold’s because of his father’s involvement with our firm.

We are pleased to be certified by the OU and look forward to many more years of affiliation.

OU Kosher Staff