Glad Tidings From The World Of Plastic Wraps

For more than a dozen years, the Glad Products Company has enjoyed a very productive working relationship with the Orthodox Union Kosher Division. Of course, we highly value OU certification because it is important to our Kosher-observant consumers. Increasingly however, the OU symbol is recognized as a standard for cleanliness and safety by non-observant consumers as well. It’s important to Glad, therefore, to be certain that our new products also receive OU certification.

For example, Glad has recently introduced two new products. GLAD® Press ‘n Seal™ is a revolutionary new food wrap! It’s the first plastic wrap that doesn’t just cling — it seals. Now, with Press’n Seal™ wrap’s patented Griptex™ technology, you can help keep food fresh, prevent spills, and use it in the microwave, too. It seals to almost any dry surface: glass or ceramic, plastic, paper, wood or metal. Also, Press’n Seal™ Freezer is being launched this spring. Press’n Seal™ Freezer helps seal in freshness and seal out freezer air for all your freezer storage needs.

We have made certain that both GLAD® Press ‘n Seal™ and GLAD® Press ‘n Seal™ Freezer products are OU-certified. We thank the Orthodox Union Kosher Division for helping us meet this important consumer need.

OU Kosher Staff