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OU Launches New Website, OUPASSOVER.COM, To Answer Passover Queries

To answer questions that frequently arise during the Passover season, when the dietary laws are different from the ones that govern the rest of the year, OU Kosher has launched a brand new website,

The website is a one-stop-shop for all Passover related queries, ranging from recipe substitutes, to cleaning tips, to making a house kosher for Passover, to the proper amount of specific food and beverages to be consumed at the seder.

A featured topic is Medicine Guidelines which discusses creams, pills, injections, and liquid medicines that can be used on Passover, and what to do when a substitution is not possible. The website emphasizes that people should exercise extreme caution and consult with one’s doctor and rabbi before making a decision to not take a medicine.

A wide variety of information includes, among other topics, frozen fish; meat and poultry; alcoholic beverages; baby formula; and milk.

The website also contains the Jewish Action Guide to Kosher for Passover Foods as a pdf. download. The Guide lists products which the OU has certified as Kosher for Passover.

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OU Kosher Staff