Shabbos Mode on OU Kosher Certified GE Ovens

The OU Kosher certified Shabbos Keeper and GE Shabbos Mode

Shabbos mode which exists with many oven appliances only makes certain changes to the oven function.  It does turn off the led readout and it does turn off the the light,  the oven light,  which is activated when you open and close the door. It does not have an auto shut off. 

Most ovens will shut off after a number of hours of use perhaps 12 hours.  In Shabbos mode, that is deactivated so that the oven will continue to run through a Shabbos or through a Yomtov.  In addition to that sometimes it does create certain delays in the way the  oven functions the introduction of the GE Shabbos keeper for ovens represents a significant upgrade to the existing shabbos mode and ovens both in terms of Shabbos observance without compromise and convenience.

Consumers one can take out food on shabbos leave food inside and come back and retrieve additional food as one goes through his meal one goes through courses from the night time into the daytime one can come back multiple times to the oven without any questions and that that is a really a problem for the Shabbos mode that exists otherwise.

The Shabbos Keeper which GE with Zman Technologies and reb Ortner have developed is something which takes us well beyond what what the existing devices do so talking about what the Shabbos Keeper is actually doing and operating the machine over here will break it apart to two parts once it’s the convenience part of it again it’s automated before shabbos before yomtov. It disables all the buttons on the screen and lets you let you use the oven with no worry about that.

The most important thing is the flames which is an actual fire very serious concern for shabbos is being automated on both levels the auto shutoff that is happening when you open or close the door it’s being deactivated so when you open or close the door nothing is actually happening.

Also the temperature-based cycles of the flames is being automated with a special technology that we work together with GE engineers and Zman technology is automating a way that you opening or closing the door also not affecting the on and off duration of the of the element so when you open across the door you don’t affect anything in the oven.

That  being said, you’re getting automatically a warm set temperature for the entire shabbos automatically every other shabbos we also added cooking windows for yomtov so when yomtov arrives you can have a few hours in the night meal and a few hours in the morning meal and get into bake mode which is around 350.  Everything is automated for you to use automatically from before shabbos and yomtov.

Rabbi Ortner as director of the ou’s Halacha and Technology department continues to work with GE and other companies to develop solutions to allow us as technology advances in our world as innovation continues to progress to keep the holy shabbos and yomtov and and have the convenience of doing so in a way that that works with with all the developments of technology.

Rabbi Nahum Z. Rabinowitz