Rabbi Nahum Z. Rabinowitz

Shabbos Mode on OU Kosher Certified GE Ovens

The OU Kosher certified Shabbos Keeper and GE Shabbos Mode Shabbos mode which exists with many oven appliances only makes certain changes to the oven function.  It does turn off the led readout and it does turn off the the light,  the oven light,  which is activated when you open and close the door. It […]

Shemitah – Glossary of Terms

Heter Mechirah A legal instrument to sell Jewish-owned land in Israel to non-Jews and thereby circumvent the shemittah status of produce grown on those lands. Otzar Beis Din A harvest and distribution system of produce run by rabbinical court in accordance with shemittah restrictions. Proceeds of the sale of produce (at a pre-set price) goes […]

Liquor & Liqueur That’s Kosher for Passover (And Year-Round)

In The Spirit of The Holiday When enjoyed responsibly, liquor and liqueur products can enhance the Purim (Shulchan Aruch O”C 695:2) and Yom Tov “spirit” (O”C 529:3). While it is certainly preferable to consume alcoholic beverages with a reliable hechsher, during Pesach it is essential to use only such reliably certified drinks. Let us examine […]