More Notes on Totes

One more important point about totes: it is not unheard of for a supplier of a product transported in totes to recover the tote from the user after the tote has been vacated of product. Don’t take my word for it. I found the following promotional literature says it better than I could:

Folding bulk containers, industrial totes, and metal storage bins are used over and over again within a facility or between a supplier and a customer. They can be used literally thousands of times. These bulk boxes are much cheaper in the long term when compared to buying cardboard boxes and wood crates every time that product is shipped… While the upfront investment in returnable packaging may cost more, savings can be realized quickly through repeated use (the same bulk containers, metal bins, and totes are used over and over)…

For a mashgiach at a company that sends product in totes, this adds up to one thing: it is your responsibility to make sure that the company is using only new totes. If the tote is used – how do we know it wasn’t used for a non-kosher product? If you have any questions, speak to your RC. (Our gratitude to Rabbi Meyer Gross of COR for bringing this to our attention).

OU Kosher Staff