New to the OU: Drake’s Organic Spirits Goes OU Kosher

Launched in 2017, Drake’s is already redefining quality standards in the organic spirits industry. And has the medals to prove it.

Drake’s Organic White Rum recently took the Gold Medal in the Rum category and Silver in the Vodka category at the Asia International Spirits Competition held in Hong Kong. Previously, Drake’s Organic White Rum received the only Double Gold medal awarded to a rum at the 2017 Global Spirits Awards along with the title of Best Rum (White). Its counterpart, Drake’s Organic Vodka, won a Gold medal from the 2017 San Diego Spirits Festival International Spirits Competition.

And now, Drake’s Organic Spirits, headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, just raised its superior spirits to an even higher level. With its recent acquisition of OU Kosher certification, Drake’s made finding a delicious, high quality kosher spirit a lot easier.

Growing up on the pristine farms of North Dakota, both Mark Anderson, founder of Drake’s Organic Spirits, and his wife Kristen dreamed of producing products with the purest and healthiest ingredients. Its decision to become OU Kosher, demonstrates the company’s commitment to sharing its tasty riches with kosher consumers.

“We are thrilled with the positive response the organic vodka and organic white rum are receiving,” says Anderson. “It helps validate the care we’ve taken in sourcing ingredients for a line of premium organic spirits that consumers will actually enjoy drinking.”

Drake’s Organic Vodka and Drake’s Organic White Rum are distilled from sugar, harvested in the organic cane fields of South America and nourished with the pure waters that flow down from the top of the Andes mountains into the fertile Cauca Valley.

After years of preparation, the company began to hand craft the first non-grain gluten free USDA certified organic Vodka and USDA organic rum in the United States. Drake’s ultra-premium vodka is distilled 12x and has a smooth, clean taste only cane alcohol can provide. Anderson’s goal is to provide products that “offer a smooth delivery – without the burn of grain alcohol.”

With that in mind, Drake’s makes certain that every step of the process is done with utmost care, attention and the highest standards – from procuring organic cane sugar in South America, to distilling the spirits, to bottling the finished products.

Anderson reports that producing USDA-certified organic non-GMO spirits requires thorough inspections of the distillery and equipment, including the bottling equipment.

“We’re thrilled that our distilling process also meets the exacting standards of the OU Kosher,” says Anderson.

Evidently, the company’s active commitment to quality is paying off. Drake’s Organic Spirits’ distribution covers multiple states and is rapidly expanding.

“National distributors are excited about the demand from consumers seeking organic, non-GMO products that also taste great,” he says. “It is our hope that anyone who enjoys a good tipple or is planning a wedding, holiday celebration. or special occasion will include Drake’s Organic Spirits,” said Anderson.

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Rabbi David Bistricer