Enjoy “Snowflakes” Candy

Have Your Sweets and Stay Healthy Too!

Looking for a delicious and healthful sweet that satisfies the palate and body? Try some Snowflakes.

Realizing the virtually non-existence of health-conscious confections, Kenney Joyal, owner of Snowflakes, a flourishing new candy company, has helped fill the void with a unique sugar-free candy made with only two ingredients, all-natural birch xylitol (zì-li-tòl)and natural flavors.

Snowflakes’ proprietary manufacturing process allows natural hardening of the xylitol and uses no additional ingredients, which is key to Snowflakes’ mission of remaining a minimal ingredient product. But Snowflakes’ conception and uniqueness were purely unintentional.

As more consumers demand transparency in their food and shift toward healthier options, unique brands and products have stepped up to the challenge and delivered. Snowflakes Candy is no different.

Xylitol is a natural sweetener found in various vegetables and fruits such as strawberries, plums, raspberries, and mushrooms as well as corn husk and birch bark. It’s equal in sweetness to sugar but contains 40% fewer calories and 75% fewer carbohydrates.

“I’ve noticed new companies and healthy products showing up on every store shelf except inthe candy aisle,” says Joyal. “But at that point I didn’t know anything about candy, other than I like to eat it!

”So, with no background in the food business or CPG, Joyal began to experiment in his home kitchen with natural sugar substitutes and sustainable ingredients. The experiment was a success.

He launched Snowflakes in 2014 with five original flavors to test the market and get consumer feedback. After a few recipe adjustments, Joyal cold-called his first distributor and agreed to buy all his inventory.

“I realized then that we were onto something,” says Joyal.

Snowflakes went on to expand to 10 flavors in 2015 and just recently introduced a line of Snowflakes Sours.

With only two ingredients, Snowflakes claims to be the purest and healthiest sugar-free candy and the natural birch xylitol offers a myriad of oral and health benefits, including relieving dry mouth and preventing cavity causing bacteria from
sticking to your teeth.

When eating Snowflakes, the xylitol creates an endothermic reaction, meaning it literally absorbs the heat in your mouth, leaving you with a cool and refreshed feeling. It also stimulates the salivary glands, literally making your mouth water. Coupling these two sensations in one piece of candy creates an indescribable effect most have never experienced. “It’s fun to see people’s reaction when they open a tin and try Snowflakes for the first time,” says Joyal.

Like real snowflakes, no two pieces are ever the same size or shape. The candy is available in traditional flavors such as peppermint, cinnamon, and lemon, as well as fun-flavors, including blue raspberry, sour black cherry, and tropical mix. Joyal realized that having a great product isn’t always enough to sell successfully on store shelves. So in 2017, Snowflakes proudly went OU kosher.

“We want our customers to be confident in the quality and high standards of Snowflakes, so food certifications are extremely important to us.” says Joyal. “We also want to appeal to as many people as possible and becoming OU kosher is another step in that direction.

”The company recently became certified Vegan and will complete the Non GMO Project Verified and Certified Gluten-Free process this spring. In addition, Joyal moved production into a new SQF2 facility capable of producing millions of pounds of candy per year, which is a far cry from Snowflakes’ humble home-kitchen beginnings.

For more information about Snowflakes, go to SnowflakesCandy.com or call us at (855) 966-7669.

OU Kosher Staff