Explore the Opportunity to Import Kosher Certified Products to Israel

In the Bible, Israel is famously called the land of milk and honey. Yet, when it comes to delicious, quality food in Israel, it is about much more than just milk and honey. In today’s global market, tens of thousands of products are being imported into Israel with the world’s most widely recognized kosher certification – the OU Kosher symbol 

Israel is the prime opportunity for importing Kosher certified products for three key reasons: 

  1. Israel is the largest kosher food market in the world.  
  2. The GDP in Israelis higher than France and the United Kingdom.  
  3. Over 40%of the Israel food market is made up of imported products 

How the OU Can Help You Import to Israel

Food imports in Israel are restricted to kosher certified products only. It is not possible to bring in products that do not at least meet that requirement. But as an OU certified company, your product already has that preferred status. 

When importing to any foreign country, there are always unique issues to take into consideration.  And that is where the OU can help.  As the largest kosher certification agency in Israel, we work very closely and enjoy longstanding relationships with the government food regulatory agencies 

OU certified products have been found on shelves in Israeli supermarkets for over 50 years and the number of those products only continues to grow  The OU brand is well respected by both Israeli government regulators and importers alike and because of a recent explosion in imported food, demand for products with the OU symbol has grown steadily 

The Israeli community recognizes that the OU symbol not only represents the highest standard of kosher certification, but also translates to a trusted level of quality. Our Israeli office actively helps guide our certified companies in importing their products to Israel through a large network of importers and distributors.  

We are committed to working with you and your company to develop a process that meets your importing needs. Large conglomerates such as Nestle, and Ferrero Rocher are already importing numerous products to the Israeli market and using our professional services 

For more details, contact Rabbi Ezra Friedman our Rabbinic Representative directly at  efriedman@ouisrael.org or by phone/WhatsApp at +972502004432 

Rabbi Ezra Friedman