Rabbi Ezra Friedman

Shemitah Produce in Chutz Laaretz: Its Laws and Applications

Introduction Our Sages teach us that all cycles of seven have special meaning (Yalkut Shemot 276). Every seven days is shabbos, purification is a seven-day process, and every seven years is shemitah. The Sifra in Bechukosai (26:31) explains that the lesson of shemitah is to internalize that even though we work the land, it belongs […]

Explore the Opportunity to Import Kosher Certified Products to Israel

In the Bible, Israel is famously called the land of milk and honey. Yet, when it comes to delicious, quality food in Israel, it is about much more than just milk and honey. In today’s global market, tens of thousands of products are being imported into Israel with the world’s most widely recognized kosher certification – the OU Kosher symbol.   Israel is the prime opportunity for importing Kosher certified products for three key reasons:  Israel is the largest […]