You Value Integrity, We Value Integrity

It is important for you to know that OU Kosher is unique among all the major kosher certification agencies in that it is part of a communal organization. A multi-purpose, nonprofit agency founded in 1898, the Orthodox Union represents and serves individuals and synagogues across North America and beyond, making it one of the largest and most vibrant communal organizations in the world today. After our operating expenses have been met, excess revenues are used to help fund an array of social service and educational projects.

Kosher consumers, and the other markets we serve, can therefore rely on the OU as an objective certifier, similar to quality or specialized certification bodies such as the USDA, Good Housekeeping, or organic certification agencies.

We maintain a system of independent verification through visits to your facility to check that there have been no changes that might compromise its kosher status.

The standards to which we are bound cannot be altered or compromised, just as your own quality standards cannot be diluted.

Finally, the OU observes strict client confidentiality. We are extremely sensitive to your concerns and fully understand the proprietary nature of your
confidential information.

OU Kosher Staff