Unlocking The Magic Of Nature Through (OU KOSHER) Biological Solutions

NOVOZYMES is the biotech-based world leader in enzymes and microorganisms. Using nature’s own technologies, at Novozymes we continuously expand the frontiers of biological solutions to improve industrial performance everywhere. In 2004, Novozymes had a market share in industrial enzymes of approximately 44 percent, and sales of approximately $100 million. Novozymes’ more than 600 products are a key factor in the production of thousands of products you use in your everyday life – from the textiles in your clothes to the food you eat. In more than 40 different industries and 130 countries, our biological solutions improve industrial performance and quality, while at the same time saving water, energy, raw materials and waste.

In partnership with customers, technology leaders and other stakeholders, Novozymes’ 4,000 employees use nature’s diversity and our advanced biotech platform to make these unique qualities available for businesses everywhere. We imagine a future in which our biological solutions create the necessary balance between better business, cleaner environment and better lives .We call it the industrial evolution.

Novozymes’ enzyme products are used all over the world by companies with a wide variety of food and beverage applications, including baking, starch, sugar, vegetable oil, nutrition, functional food, juice, brewing, wine, beverage alcohol and many others. Since many of these companies sell their products with kosher certification, the enzymes used as processing aids must, of course, also be kosher certified.

When Novozymes first applied for OU certification, a few of the products used animal based ingredients. These were, of course, substituted with ingredients of non-animal origin. Some years later, when there was a major concern about BSE and similar diseases, it turned out to be an advantage that we had already eliminated these animal-based ingredients. In addition, Novozymes’OU products are manufactured without any dairy ingredients; that is, they are all certified pareve.

Novozymes also manufactures a large number of enzyme products for nonfood applications, including detergent, textile and animal feed. Some of these use non-kosher ingredients, and it is therefore critical to ensure the integrity of the OU certified products. Due to the complex processes and logistics of the plants, this is not always so straightforward. Fortunately, Novozymes’ rabbinic coordinator and rabbinic field representative, Rabbi Menachem Adler and Dr. John Meyer respectively, have both worked with Novozymes for many years and have a thorough understanding of our processes and plants. They are therefore usually able to come up with smart solutions that fit into our operations without compromising the integrity of the OU certification. Novozymes obtained its first OU certification in 1991 and the OU now certifies enzyme products from Novozymes’ plants in Denmark, the United States, China and Switzerland. Novozymes even offers OU certified chametz-free kosher and kosher for Passover products, primarily for the starch industry.

Previously, Novozymes’ products were only OU certified when we received requests from our customers. Some years ago, however, we changed the procedure and will now apply for OU certification before starting sales of a new product. This means that the OU certificate is already there when the customer asks for it. What once started as a special quality stamp for a selected part of the product range has now become the standard for nearly all Novozymes’ food grade products. In this way, we are unlocking the magic of nature as we reach even more customers.

OU Kosher Staff