Madelaine Chocolates: The Gourmet Chocolate for (OU) Kosher Consumers

For over half a century, Madelaine has been satisfying Americans’ cravings for high quality chocolate with incredibly delicious, premium chocolate, molded into a wide variety of highly detailed, foiled shapes, and a wide assortment of chocolate covered confections.

From its humble beginnings as a manufacturer of colorfully foiled, solid milk chocolate balls and eggs, Madelaine has become a major force in the confectionery industry. The first few years, the focus was on making foiled, solid and semi-solid milk, dark, white and crispy chocolate. Then a line of filled chocolate (including peanut butter and caramel), mint truffles and hazelnut truffles was added.

In recent years, Madelaine established a new line of “panned chocolate.” Nuts, fruit or specialty centers (e.g. malt, pretzels, etc.) are put in a machine that continuously spins around, covering the center with a layer of chocolate. For customers who cannot tolerate sugar, or want to limit their sugar intake, Madelaine offers a line of sugar free chocolates, which features many foiled shapes, as well as panned chocolates. To satisfy the public’s recent demand for dark chocolate made with a high cocoa content that is reputed to be loaded with antioxidants, Madelaine recently introduced a line of all natural, 72 percent dark chocolate, including solid hearts foiled in copper and brown, a 1.8 oz bar and a variety of panned items, i.e. blueberries, cranberries, almonds, cashews and bridge mix.

This year, Madelaine has an especially attractive selection of novelties and gift packages that will particularly appeal to the kosher consumer for Chanukah, Purim, a special occasion or everyday. Choose Chanukah medallions, wrapped in decorative foil, traditional Chanukah gelt in a gold mesh bag or the new upscale Chanukah gelt (silver coins in an organza bag with a ribbon tie). Blue and silver foiled stars are available in a two ounce, seven-piece gift stick or 5.5 ounce gift box with gold trim. Madelaine combined its blue and white gourmet Mix & Match Malt Balls in a seven ounce gift bag that malt ball connoisseurs will love.

Though Madelaine Chocolates has experienced tremendous growth over the years, it is still a family-owned business that prides itself on producing the highest quality products and personalized service. It was founded in 1949 by Jack Gold and Henry Kaye, two brothers-in-law who started making boxed chocolates in a 2,500-square-foot warehouse in lower Manhattan. At the time, the Madelaine name was inspired by a well-known movie star from the 1940’s, whom they thought was the epitome of class and sophistication. As business increased, the company first moved to Brooklyn and then to Rockaway Beach, where its expanded headquarters and production facilities are today. Soon the next generation of family members took control, including Norman Gold (Jack’s son), Vivian Kaye Farber (Henry’s daughter), and her husband, Jorge. Today, they preside over 500 employees and a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility.

Despite the company’s incredible growth, it has maintained its reputation for personal service. “Customers really appreciate a personal phone call,” says Vivian Farber, Executive Vice President, and General Manager. “We insist on maintaining a personal relationship. When you call Madelaine, a voice answers the phone.”

When Madelaine was established over 55 years ago, the kosher family of products was much smaller than it is today. The Kaye and Gold families, who founded the company, were observant Jews, but the most popular products at that time were Christmas balls and Easter eggs, as well as a small sampling of chocolates suitable for every day. Yet, says President and CFO Norman Gold, “customers asked if we could provide kosher supervision for our product line to appeal to their Jewish consumers. Of course, we were happy to oblige, and the bond with the OU was established. All our products proudly carry the OUD – ironically, even our Santas and Easter Bunnies.”

No matter what shape or flavor you prefer, it’s the fine quality of chocolate and ingredients that distinguishes a Madelaine product. The chocolate is so smooth, rich and creamy; it keeps customers coming back for more. “Our motto has always been high quality and consistency,” says Chairman and CEO Jorge Farber. “We match this high-end chocolate with luxuriously detailed European foils and molds for all our seasonal novelties. The finest details interplay to create a product that connoisseurs love.”

One look and you will understand why so many customers are attracted to Madelaine’s unique products. One taste and you will understand why the Kaye and Gold extended family takes such pride in every product that bears the name – Madelaine.

OU Kosher Staff